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We Need Your Help!

A3P does not receive County, State, or Federal funding.  Your  generosity will help ensure the health and welfare of homeless pets while helping to promote education programs designed to teach the value of pets and responsible pet ownership.


Riley was rescued from the Prince William County Animal Shelter.  This love bug wants nothing more than to smother his human companions with snuggles and kisses.

Riley is super sweet, playful, and has an uncanny ability to hear the slightest rustle of a treat bag from anywhere in the house.  You can't sneak anything past this little chowhound!  

While he's a stinker, Riley's family wouldn't trade him for the world.


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  • Acknowledgement in A3P's newsletter


  • 2 tickets for quarterly raffle

  • Acknowledged in the annual report

  • Benefits listed above


  • 4 tickets for quarterly raffle

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  • Photography package (sitting + 1 - 8x10)

  • Benefits listed above

Please contact us below for donations over $1000


 More Ways to Help

* Sponsor an adoption fee

* Pay for spay/neuter services

* Pay the medical bills of a sick or injured pet

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