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Olivia and Coco


I adopted two wonderful little kitties named Olivia and Coco. Everyday Olivia is gaining more and more confidence and it is truly an awarding experience watching her grow, not just physically but mentally. Coco is full of life, playful, energetic, but respectful and aware of her surroundings. She's adjusts amazingly well whether my 2 year old is trying to pet her or my 17 year old. Brining them home and the transition was fairly painless.

Initially I saw pictures of their cats online and had a couple picked out before I arrived. I left with two completely different little guys, that fit me, my kids, our personalities and homelife. A3P's set up allows for you to find and perfectly pair with your new family member. I highly recommend the Humane Society of Northern Virginia and plan on coming back to maybe bringing home another little guy. I would not go anywhere else.

Olivia and Coco
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