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How We Help The Community

Paws for Service

Our AKC certified trainers provide assistance  and guidance for  Emotional Support Animals and Therapy  Dog training. 

Dog Training

A3P believes when a pet is adopted, it's an adoption for the life of pets so "Pets for Life" is the driving force behind A3P.   A well trained dog has a greater chance of staying in his/her home.  This is why A3P is proud to offer a variety of classes to include Canine Good Citizen and puppy training.  Additionally, our trainers also offer trick, rally and barn hunt training for owners looking for other fun ways to engage and offer enrichment to their pets.  Exercise is important but pets need to engage their brains so training offers this opportunity.  If you'd like to learn more and/or sign your pet up, you'll find information and the application to participate under the "Trainer's Corner" tab.

Community Outreach

Assisting members of the community is important to us.  When possible, A3P will assist pet owners with pet food, thanks to the generosity of others.  As A3P grows, we hope to expand assistance to include medical support such as flea/tick and heartworm medication. 


We are seeking volunteers to assist with sewing blankets for the pets of homeless individuals and building dog houses for owners who cannot afford shelter for their pets.  If you would like to assist, we'd love the help.  You'll find the volunteer application under the "Volunteer" tab.

Pet Adoptions

Placing pets in the right home is very important to A3P and we treat each pet as if he/she were our personal pet.  We require adoption applications and all references and veterinarians will be contacted and validated.   Our volunteers take the time to socialize and train pets that come into A3P to help ensure a long lasting relationship with the new owner. While we'd love to advertise high adoption statistics, we really prefer to move slow and ensure the pet is properly placed and that both the pet and the adopter are set up for success.

Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR)

A3P will trap and release community cats when possible.  Due to limited resources, we will assist community members with TNR services when, and often, as possible.  Once additional funding is secured, A3P intends to expand the TNR program in order to further assist with minimizing the killing of innocent cats due to overpopulation.

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