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 Speak Out for Those Who Can't

What Will Your Legacy Be?  Make a Difference Today 

Every day, countless times a day, all over the world, pets are neglected, abused and killed for sport, entertainment and sometimes for no reason at all.  As animals lovers we don't understand it, as the love we have for our pets is unmeasurable.  For non-animal lovers, they don't understand how we love our pets the way we do.  It doesn't matter that they don't understand.  What they do need to understand, is that we won't sit quietly and let the inhumane treatment of pets continue.  Your voice, vote, and/or signature does make a difference....but only if you use them. 

Turning the channel when ASPCA commercials air or bypassing the story about an animal who was tortured is understandable  but it does nothing to help pets in need.    You can help by taking a stand, volunteering to make a difference, donating to your local shelter or rescue group, writing your State representatives, or signing petitions.  Why not take that step today to make a difference?

Be Their Voice

        "The greatest privilege that comes with speech is the right to use your voice for those who don't have one."

Ricky Gervais, Animal Activist

Puppy Mills

Equally horrible is the life endured by female dogs who are bred relentlessly for monetary gains.  

These females are killed or thrown away like trash once they are used up.  

Adult and pupplies alike live in filthly and cramped conditions with little or no medical care or food. 

Stop the promotion of unnecessary breeding by reporting pet stores that sell dogs other than shelter pets. 

Learn more at: 


It's cruel and unacceptable but it goes on...more than you think.

Learn what you can do to help and let's put an end to this heinous crime!

​​You can make a huge difference today:  Take a Stand 
If you're interested in learning more or are ready to jump aboard and help, please send us a note!  We'd love to have your help!


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