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HSNV Trainer's Corner


In the training tabs, will find those tips, tricks and questions we all have about pet training, proper use of equipment, and behaviors that sometimes have us scratching our heads! 


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Monkey & Copper

Copper was rescued from a TX shelter on the day he was to be put to sleep. They live with our VP.

Dog Training Classes
HSNV/A3P is proud to offer a variety of dog training classes.  These classes will enforce positive pet-owner relationships while promoting positive pet behavior.   Why not spend some quality time with your pet, in a controlled environment, and help them be good canine citizens?!  This is a great opportunity for training, socialization, and confidence building!
 We are starting the training season with STAR Puppy and basic obedience classes.  These classes are recommended for anyone who has adopted a pet, especially for those who haven't had any training.  Too often we see pets surrendered for "behavior" problems when all that's needed is some dedicated training.  Classes last an hour.
If your dog is trained already and you'd like him/her to receive his AKC Good Canine Citizen certificate, our lead trainer can test your pet.  We will be offering Canine Good Citizen (basic and advanced) training soon.
Send an email to or if you're interested in attending!  Class size is limited so don't delay.
CGC Training Flyer.png

Sweet Pea is a Cane Corso which is also know as an Italian Mastiff.  She was rescued at 13 weeks from a very abusive situation.  Sweet Pea was so afraid that she couldn't stop shaking.  She is a beloved family member of one our trainers.

A3P Training Application

Martingale Collar Tips

If you have questions or training tips you'd like to learn just contact us, we'll be happy to help. 

Feel free to email us at:


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