Happy Homecomings

as told by their new family


Butters (formerly known as Jaime) is such a love bug! His favorite activities are playing with his big brothers and cuddling mom's very pregnant belly! Butters' favorite hobbies are meowing for attention and chasing his tail. He charms the vet's office any time they see him. He's such a sweet little ham!




The sixth and seventh cats in my second clowder, Smoky and Mystique, sadly died from cancer in 2016. The eighth and last cat, Scampy, a brown, black, and white calico, was left. He had been the least dominant cat of the clowder, and seldom got much face time with me until the others passed. He enjoyed two years as an only cat, but was then 14.5 years old with failing health. He started spending a lot of time sleeping on my lap while I worked at the computer, making up for lost time in the affection department.

In 2018, while visiting a friend in Ohio, who always has ten or more cats, I adopted a very friendly black cat and, calling him Buddy all the time as a matter of convenience, officially named him Buddy after contacting two cat-loving friends, each of whom had had a black cat named Buddy pass in 2018. I knew that eventually I would need to adopt a second cat to keep him company, but hesitated to do so until a situation presented itself to me in which adoption would make good sense for Buddy, the new cat, the rescue organization involved, and myself. Such a cat was brought to my attention by Jan, a volunteer affiliated with A3P.  She was called Madeline, and had been found on someone’s doorstep in an emaciated condition, suffering and in need of veterinary care, which A3P Rescue gave her. She was taken to a foster home provided by a volunteer and was losing weight, but showed affection for the husband of the volunteer, and it was surmised that she would do well in the home of a cat-loving man.  I agreed to try Madeline as a foster cat for two weeks to see how she would do with Buddy, the long, strong, fast and friendly cat. As it turned out, she was and is perfect and has gotten along with Buddy very well. She has a remarkably steady, calm demeanor, and maintains it even when the playful Buddy is a little forward in his attempts to get her to play. Madeline quickly learned to sleep on my lap, and when I head to bed, she is quick to jump up and go to sleep next to me, as several other cats of mine have in the past. In the morning, she often wakes me up. I immediately refill her food plate, and she eats heartily. If Madeline isn’t on my lap, she sleeps on the computer table just to the left of the keyboard where there is a space.  Of course, on sunny days, Madeline gets in one of my one-foot-deep window sills to enjoy dozing in the sun.  Due to her extreme sweetness, I started calling her “Sweetie” and have decided that should be her name, as it is altogether fitting. Buddy and I are enjoying her company now. Sweetie has found her forever home!  She has proven to be the perfect cat to complete a two-cat clowder! Sweetie is an awesome cat!





(Kim and Mike)


We had no intention of ever getting another dog. Our oldest daughter Kelsey kept pestering us to put in an application to foster this old pug at Advocates for Abused and Abandoned Pets. After much thought we filled out the application.


On a cold Saturday in February, Sherry brought the pug to meet us. He was a scrawny little thing, and we thought we might keep him for a few days until a forever family could adopt him.

Soon we decided that we would adopt Meatball and make his last years happy. We thought we were going to save Meatball. Well in his own sweet way, Meatball saved us.

Week by week, Meatball’s little body grew stronger. Week by week, his little personality bloomed. Now he loves a good belly rub. He loves watermelon and bananas. He loves to travel. He loves to go on short walks, and if he is tired he loves to ride in his doggy stroller. He mostly loves to snuggle!

Meatball has brought us more joy, fun, and love than we ever anticipated. We are so happy this chubby little old pug is part of family.
Thank you Advocates for Abused and Abandoned Pets!



Meatball beach.jpg

Simone and Porky

   (Michelle and Kevin)

Simone was adopted on 5 January 2019.  She is the sassiest but sweetest girl ever.  Porky was adopted on Christmas day 2018 because we couldn't wait to make him official ours.  He has turned out to be the most independent but dog like cat ever.  Both kitties are spoiled rotten and get pretty much whatever they want. They enjoy laying around with their canine siblings and hanging out with their new baby brother kitten, Cooper. We cannot thank A3P enough for bringing these two goofy siblings into our lives.  Without them, our lives would be incomplete. 



When Wyatt isn't purring on his dad's lap, he's usually playing with his best friend Ding! His favorite toy is the laser pointer, but anything resembling a string is a close second. Wyatt's a ball of energy who demands several hours of cuddles a day.  Wyatt is happiest when he's sleeping on the bed next to Ding and dad!  

Alfalfa_Dec 2019.jpg



Alfalfa has been such a blessing in my life. His sweetness and playfulness have meant so much in recovering from illness and loss this year. They say no meeting us by chance and I truly believe that. I’m so glad I met this wonderful little guy!