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Happy Homecomings

as told by their new family


Shuri was brought home on September 2nd 2022 originally as a foster. After a few months of getting acclimated to our new home and our other cats, she quickly became part of the family and we decided to adopt her. Since then she has really blossomed out of her shell, and even started a bit of a cat romance with one of our other cats (His name is Stinky).
She loves sunbathing, lasers, and watching TV. We nicknamed her 'Pretty Girl' because of how well she takes care of herself and presents herself (Always cleaning herself, playing nicely and being super gentle,  and acting very lady-like.) Attached I've included a photo of her sunbathing and a picture of her and her boyfriend (She is on the right). The last one I attached is one I think is kind of funny, I walked in on her cleaning herself and she looked super embarrassed!

Shuri 1.jpg
Shuri 2.jpg
Bellion 1.jpeg


(Jessica and Josh)

Bellion (aka “Belle”, “Baby Belle”, “Baby Belle Cheese”, “Baby Cheese”) has settled in perfectly! She loves her big sister, Dylan (12 y/o) who secretly loves her too even if she doesn’t show it. Her biggest fan is her 2 year old German Shepard cousin, Ace, who loves going to Starbucks with her on the weekends. She takes her job as “Squirrel Guardian” very seriously and will spend several hours a day in front of the sliding doors tracking their every move. Her favorite activities are chasing the elusive red dot and her feather toy. But more than anything, she loves cuddling and sleeping next to mommy and daddy at night. She is a little nervous around other people but does better with her “anxiety sweater”. We are also leash training her so she can go on walks when the weather is warmer. She is growing up so fast and we are excited to see how big she gets! 

Olivia and Coco
I adopted two wonderful little kitties named Olivia and Coco. Everyday Olivia is gaining more and more confidence and it is truly an awarding experience watching her grow, not just physically but mentally. Coco is full of life, playful, energetic, but respectful and aware of her surroundings. She's adjusts amazingly well whether my 2 year old is trying to pet her or my 17 year old. Brining them home and the transition was fairly painless.

Initially I saw pictures of their cats online and had a couple picked out before I arrived. I left with two completely different little guys, that fit me, my kids, our personalities and homelife. A3P's set up allows for you to find and perfectly pair with your new family member. I highly recommend the Humane Society of Northern Virginia and plan on coming back to maybe bringing home another little guy. I would not go anywhere else.


Coco 3.jpeg
Olivia 2.jpg
Olivia and Coco 1.jpg

Dolly and Tessa
(Kim and Steve)

They are doing quite well and fitting in very nicely with our other dogs. We've always adopted our pets from various rescues. Mostly older ones because people often want the cute, spunky, younger pets. Yet, the older ones are disoriented and are in need of much love and care after being displaced or abused. They deserve to live their remaining years in a comfortable  caring, and loving home.

Unfortunately, last fall, we lost 3 of our elderly pets, 2 cats (Prince & Countess) and our Great Dane, Bella; one each month. It was expected but unexpected; such a depressing time for us. Pets bring so much love and joy to a household. Thinking 2023 would be a better year for us, last week, we lost our precious, Coco; her heart finally gave out. Losing another pet, a longtime friend/family member has been extremely hard but the companionship of Dolly and Tessa has helped us all to keep our spirits high and to keep moving forward. They've been especially good for our dog, Coby, who is the sole survivor of our original family. He has been extremely depressed since his sister, Coco, passed. Each day we see a little improvement with his spirit and personality, because of Dolley and Tessa, he's a little more playful each day.

Dolly and Tessa have the cutest faces and the most lovable, sweet and funny personalities. We are so blessed to have found and adopted them as a part of our family.

We are so glad we found A3P. The volunteers
are wonderful, caring and informative. Thanks for all that you do.


I'd like to introduce you to Bart. He has the face of a Chihuahua and the body of a Dachshund. He's a rescue I was lucky enough to be able to adopt on 01/07/23 as he too chose me. Our lifestyle is a perfect fit and he got to come home with me after our meet and greet. Bart truly loves to be a couch potato, yet loves his walkies. He's an adult male and is a terrific companion. 

He's quickly settled into his new fo
rever home and has given me many kisses, wags his tail a lot, and lets me give him a belly rub when he's ready for one. He has an independent ole soul and his character cracks me up. My favorite part of Bart is when he first wakes up and wiggles around in bed on his back, and the inches towards me for our morning good day kisses. Who wouldn't want some of that happy morning lovin. 

In true classic Chihuahua/Dachshund spirit, he borrows in blankets and loves to run around the house with his squeaky Lamb Chop. Here are a few non-blurry pics of Bart as I am not much of a photographer. These are taken in our sunroom off of the kitchen leading to our back deck and yard. Its heated and has AC. He loves to be in this room.

Bart 3.jpg
Bart 1.jpg
Jessie 1.jpeg
Jessie 2.jpeg


I really wasn’t looking to add another pup to our family quite yet but when I saw Jessie’s picture, something about him just made me fall in love instantly! I had so much going on in those days, with travel and moving in to a new house but just could not stop thinking about Jessie so I submitted an adoption application - the rest, as they say, is history! Jessie has been home for about three months now and he is such a fun addition to our family! He bonded with me quickly and is such a mama’s boy but is friendly with everyone he meets. I found he is a bit nervous around men so we are working on that. Jessie and I started his training classes last month and he is doing so well - he is so very smart and catches on quickly! He just wants to please, when he’s not busy with play play play and all his toys. My two small older dogs, Bailey and Emma are still getting used to him but I think they  (secretly…very secretly) are starting to like him…a little bit :) We enjoy our walks together and playing fetch nonstop and the zoomies in the backyard - this boy is so much fun! I am so grateful to  A3P for picking me to be Jessie’s mama - he has been a blessing!

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