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Together We Are Powerful 

Pets are not commodities, property, or things.....they are loyal, patient, compassionate souls who demonstrate unconditional love and empathy; they deserve the same in return.

Every pet has a story to tell.  Why not find out what they have to say?  We've shared short stories of our personal pets throughout the website.  They all came from rescues, shelters, and in a few cases were "rehomed." 


Visit your local shelter or reach out to a foster-based rescue today and find a new best friend!  Here are just a few of the awesome organizations saving lives!  Click on any name below to learn more.


This handsome fella was picked up as a stray and adopted from the Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland by his loving mom.


This cute girl was also picked up as a stray and adopted by her awesome mom from the Prince William County Animal Shelter.

As you can see, both of these deserving pups are enjoying life!

Canine Rescues

Feline Rescues

Other Rescues

Another source for canines and felines - just click on the icon below. 
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