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Meet Our Trainers

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Phillis F. Peppard

AKC Evaluator

AKC Achiever Dog

Certified Dognition Evaluator

TPU Therapy Dog Evaluator

Supporting Member International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants


  • Founded Bichon Frise Rescue of Virginia in 1988

  • Behaviorist and Trainer, BFCA Maryland and Virginia, 1989-2001

  • Bichon Frise Club of America (BFCA) Rescue effort in 1990

  • Bichon Frise Club of America 1991-present

  • Participant, Bichon Frise Club of America Specialties, 1990-2001

  • Volunteer, Superintendent’s Tent, Berks County Kennel Club Show, 1991-1996

  • Attendee, Berks County Kennel Club Yearly Seminars, 1991-1996

  • Treasurer of Woodbridge, Virginia Chapter of Owner-Handlers Association, 1992-1993

  • International Bichon Frise Congress, 1998

  • Began working with service dog and handler teams, 2009

  • Harmony Dogs of Virginia

  • Member of PSDS beginning, 2009

  • Attendee, Professional Advocacy Training by Soap Box Consulting, Sep, 2011

  • Lobbied Capitol Hill; follow-up letter campaign on bills affecting Veterans with Service Dogs, Sep, 2011

  • Founding Member PSDP, 2013

  • Moderator for PSDP to July, 2015

  • Leadership committee PSDP to July, 2015

  • Attendee, FAA SARA Conference to give input on relief areas that are Service Dog friendly

  • Led roundtable discussions for trainers at PSDP convention in 2014 and 2015

  • Co-evaluator for PSDP Public Access Tests, 2014 and 2015

  • Attendee, Veterans Administration Advisory Committee Representing IACP SD Committee, 2015

  • Course Certificate, Dog Emotion and Cognition taught by Dr. Bryan Hare, Duke University, 2015

  • Volunteer Member, TSA Disability and Multicultural Coalition

  • Chapter on SD Jolie and Phillis (pg 37) in Jamais sans mon chien, published 2015 by Marie-Claude Roy,

  • author of Canine Angels

  • Certificate, Diabetic Alert Dog Trainers Conference, 2015

  • Certificate, Debby Kay's Super Sniffer Workshop, 2015

  • Attendee, Service Dog Conference, Assoc. of Service Dog Partners for Military Veterans, 2017

  • Lobbied US Congress to support PAWS Act of 2017, July 2017

  • IACP Service Dog Committee, 2015-2017

Lynda Streeper

AKC CGC Evaluator

"Dogs have been a part of my life since I was ten years old.  I started training at twelve with a puppy.  Then on to grooming and the show ring with a wonderful Afghan. Volunteering at age 19 with several Animal Control Shelters and Humane Societies showed me that pets need our help.  I started helping the fearful pups shaking at the back of the kennels to relax so they could find homes. This lead to a lifetime desire to help the fearful dogs in the world as they usually don't have a very good quality of life and many are killed simply because they are misunderstood and deemed aggressive.  I've been working with these types of dogs for forty years.


I've been owned by many breeds and mutts.  I've shown in the conformation ring, the obedience ring, and for fun I did drafting, agility and a variety of other activities with dogs.  I even used dogs on a farm to haul hay, cultivate a garden, and pull a wagon. Throughout the years, I have taught many classes and helped many people with their pets. I've raised puppies for rescues, teaching them basic house manners, trained search and rescue dogs, and currently train shelter dogs as service dogs for our military veterans.  A lifetime of working with easy, difficult, and puzzling dogs has shown me that patience, practice, and cookies can get most of them through anything.  Never underestimate the power of cookies when working with dogs!"

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