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Shuri was brought home on September 2nd 2022 originally as a foster. After a few months of getting acclimated to our new home and our other cats, she quickly became part of the family and we decided to adopt her. Since then she has really blossomed out of her shell, and even started a bit of a cat romance with one of our other cats (His name is Stinky).

She loves sunbathing, lasers, and watching TV. We nicknamed her 'Pretty Girl' because of how well she takes care of herself and presents herself (Always cleaning herself, playing nicely and being super gentle, and acting very lady-like.) Attached I've included a photo of her sunbathing and a picture of her and her boyfriend (She is on the right). The last one I attached is one I think is kind of funny, I walked in on her cleaning herself and she looked super embarrassed!

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