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Dolly and Tessa

(Kim and Steve)

They are doing quite well and fitting in very nicely with our other dogs. We've always adopted our pets from various rescues. Mostly older ones because people often want the cute, spunky, younger pets. Yet, the older ones are disoriented and are in need of much love and care after being displaced or abused. They deserve to live their remaining years in a comfortable caring, and loving home.

Unfortunately, last fall, we lost 3 of our elderly pets, 2 cats (Prince & Countess) and our Great Dane, Bella; one each month. It was expected but unexpected; such a depressing time for us. Pets bring so much love and joy to a household. Thinking 2023 would be a better year for us, last week, we lost our precious, Coco; her heart finally gave out. Losing another pet, a longtime friend/family member has been extremely hard but the companionship of Dolly and Tessa has helped us all to keep our spirits high and to keep moving forward. They've been especially good for our dog, Coby, who is the sole survivor of our original family. He has been extremely depressed since his sister, Coco, passed. Each day we see a little improvement with his spirit and personality, because of Dolley and Tessa, he's a little more playful each day.

Dolly and Tessa have the cutest faces and the most lovable, sweet and funny personalities. We are so blessed to have found and adopted them as a part of our family.

We are so glad we found A3P. The volunteers are wonderful, caring and informative. Thanks for all that you do.

Dolly and Tessa
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