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Welcome to the Humane Society of Northern Virginia (HSNV)!

Open Saturdays & Sundays, 12 - 5 pm
or by appointment

Phone: 571-931-0796

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About HSNV

We are so excited to tell you about the Humane Society of Northern Virginia (HSNV) powered by A3P! As a group of pet lovers, it's so awesome to be able to do what we are most passionate about......saving pet lives!

We hope that you will join us on this journey of love, and sometimes heartache, by volunteering, donating, providing services, and/or sponsoring our efforts.  HSNV can't do it alone but together we can do amazing things to help the pets that desperately need it! We believe "pets for life"  is the gold standard for communities and we will work diligently to help pet owners keep pets in their homes.

Donations are tax-deductible and every penny helps to save the lives of pets. HSNV/A3P is a volunteer-run charity so 100% of your donation supports our mission.

The Humane Society of Northern Virginia's 

Mission, Vision, and Values

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HSNV and A3P's mission is to promote the human-animal bond and no-kill philosophy through compassion, empathy, and education. To advocate for companion pets by providing them with the care, nurturing, and training for placement into the "right" home for life and provide sanctuary to those older, injured, or otherwise difficult to place animals that are at risk of euthanasia. Our motto is Pets 4 Life.
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Our vision is living in a community where people value companion animals as lifelong cherished family members and treat them with respect and kindness.
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- Transparency in our efforts
- Respect for animals and people alike
- Focusing on the human-animal bond
- Caring, nurturing, and loving pets in our care
- Commitment to our vision, mission, and goals
- Passionate in our beliefs
- Caring for those who can't care for themselves
- Understanding we can't save them all but doing everything we can to try
- We will never "kill" a pet because of space or owner request

Our Goals

  • Providing medical care to neglected, abused, and injured animals

  • Rehabilitating hard-to-adopt animals

  • Offering affordable wellness services and resources to pet owners in need 

  • Collaborating with the public to promote ethical treatment of animals 

  • Teaching children and adults alike about the value of pets and how to care for them properly

  • Creating an alliance with local shelters and animal rescues to improve the adoption rate of pets and to provide assistance to our under-served community members

HSNV Upcoming Events, News, and Announcements

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