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YOU Can Make a Difference

You play an active role each and every time you make a purchase from any of the organizations listed here.  A3P will receive a small percentage as a partner with these pet friendly businesses.  Please think of us whenever you're in the mood to shop.  Every penny adds up so THANK YOU for your purchase!

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Donate to Help Pups With Serious Dental Issues!

Henry and Sadie were rescued starving and full of parasites at 6 to 8 weeks old.  Their mother lives on a chain with a broken camper shell as shelter with no straw or bedding.  She is barely fed or watered.   These pups were fearful, anemic, Sadie had pyoderma and both had ringworm.  Their foster has spent hours treating them, training them and building their confidence.  They no longer have internal or external parasites and they are happy, fun loving, eager to train puppies.  Their final hurdle is the damage that was done to their teeth from not having enough food and treated for parasites.  They may have even run a fever. They both have enamel hypoplasia.  Their teeth are pitted and lacking in enamel which is the hard covering that protects the insides of the teeth.   Without the doggy dentist pulling any bad teeth (Henry has four we know of), cleaning and then applying a lifelong sealant to all their teeth they will experience decay, rot and possible broken teeth along with a lot of tooth pain.  This procedure is the last step on their journey to becoming happy, healthy, normal puppies.  Please help them in their final stage so they can find their forever homes.

Looking to support pets and plant your spring garden? Shop our Flower Power fundraiser running from January 3, 2023 - May 15, 2023!

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KoKo was adopted from

BREW when she was approximately 3 months old.  KoKo, along with 4 of her brothers, were rescued from a lab environment.

This adorable sweetheart is a happy, carefree "pup" who loves treats and belly rubs.  KoKo has a wonderful pack and is loved more and more each day.

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